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Mini: Self-Awareness? I Don’t Know Her

In an article for Very Well Mind, Self-Awareness is defined as “being aware of different aspects of the self, including traits, behaviours and feelings.”

I don't think I ever really thought much about self-awareness much about what it was or whether I was doing it right until undergoing this research.

In this episode, we discuss self-awareness as we figure out what it is, the types of self-awareness, how we improve our self-awareness but, ultimately, we ask ourselves whether we really are self-aware?

Inspired by recent personal events, in which I felt like I wasn't fully loving myself or self-aware, I share with you the findings from my research - much of which comes from researcher, psychologist and author, Tasha Eurich.

“Thinking about ourselves isn’t related to knowing ourselves” - Tasha Eurich

This research definitely challenged me and gave me perspective on how I was treating myself, how I was communicating with myself and the narratives I was creating. I want to encourage you that after listening to this episode to explore the research for yourself. Do you agree? Will you put these methods into practice? What have you learnt about self-awareness?


This episode is an example of shorter solo episodes which are sandwiched between full length episodes. These are a mixture of storytimes, expanding on blog posts, etc and will keep you satisfied till the next full length episode comes out.

Research & Resources Mentioned:

  • "Self-Awareness Development and Types" - Kendra Cherry (Very Well Mind)

  • "What Self-Awareness Really Is (and How to Cultivate It)" - Tasha Eurich (Harvard Business Review)

  • "Increase Your Self-Awareness with One Simple Fix | Tasha Eurich" - TEDTalk (YouTube)

  • "Mini: People Pleasing Syndrome" - Mis/educate (Spotify)


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