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It was about time for a glow up...

Hello and welcome to Mis/Educate, formerly known as The Miseducation of Sticks + Stones. My name is Sarah Githugu and I’m the creator and main writer for this blog. 

Like its predecessor, the name Mis/Educate was based on the famous saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” As a young black woman living in Britain, there is so much error with that saying. Words are powerful. Words have power to hurt, to shape perception, shape action and to educate or rather miseducate. 

In our world today, there is a lack of encouragement for individuals to seek out multiple truths and perspectives. We simply are discouraged to educate ourselves and instead stick with the status quo. As I have experienced, this is very damaging. 


This is why I created Mis/Educate to re-educate myself and others by opening up and enabling honest, raw conversations concerning race, gender, faith and many other intersectionalities.  Mis/Educate was created to deepen and broaden the conversation and perspectives that have always been around but marginalised. Mis/Educate was created as a space for the miseducate to learn.

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