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22. Love Languages & Reformed Gang Members (feat. Frida James and Lily Munyinyi)

"In truth, true love is all about work [...] [T]he essence of true love is mutual recognition - two individuals seeing each other as they really are"

- bell hooks, All About Love

The besties are back for another entertaining and spontaneous episode! I am joined by Lily Munyinyi, featured in episode 11 and 21, and Frida James, featured in episode 11 and 17, to discuss love languages, advocating for yourself and being reformed gang members... I know but I told you that it was a very spontaneous and random episode.

As I say in the outro and will reiterate here, a takeaway from this episode was the importance of knowing your love languages. I believe we all express and need the five love languages that Gary Chapman talks about, but each love language is valued differently depending on the individual. Additionally, even after doing the test (which I highly recommend you do) they will continue to change and shift depending on where you are in life.

That's okay because such is the nature of life, we continue to grow and evolve so our prioritise change and shift. As Lily says, be open to the discovering, exploring and expressing the different love languages.

What is your takeaway from this episode?


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