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Mini: "My Cocoa, Coffee Bean, Chocolate Drop"

Fetishisation: the act of making someone an object of sexual desire based on some aspect of their identity.

In this episode, I talk - or rather rant - about fetishisation and how, although packaged as a compliment, endanger Black people by enforcing stereotypes about us.

I should say here that not all fetishes are bad - I won't yuck someone's yum. However, when it pertains to the attributes of an individual that society has marginalised and individuals use this to exploit for their own pleasure, that's a problem. Diminishing their humanity, exploiting their bodies and following stereotypes as a way for you experience them and gain pleasure, is all the way messed up

The episode was inspired by the February 2022 British Vogue cover, in which the skin tones of the models were darkened in comparison to their nature skin tone in post production. This editing method has been used numerous times by numerous creatives, especially the photographer for this cover, Rafael Pavarotti. The cover sparked debates across social media as it was questioned whether the cover was a celebration of Blackness or really just racism under the "guise of avant-garde art."

Following on from the Vogue cover, I begin to think about the different ways that society fetishes Blackness and how this positively packaged racism endangers Black people, especially Black women.


This episode is an example of shorter solo episodes which are sandwiched between full length episodes. These are a mixture of storytimes, expanding on blog posts, etc and will keep you satisfied till the next full length episode comes out.

Research & Resources Mentioned:

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  • "British Vogue’s Momentous All African Cover Spotlights 9 Young Women Redefining What It Is To Be A Model" - Funmi Fetto (Vogue)

  • "The Black Girl Fetish" Let's Talk - Tee Noir (YouTube)

  • "What Is Fetishization And How Does It Contribute To Racism?" - Janice Gassam Asare (Forbes)

  • "The disappearance and death of activist Oluwatoyin Salau, explained" - Fabiola Cineas (Vox)

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Music by: Matthew M. Moore


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