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Mini: I Don't Want a Cupcake!

For this episode, I decided to keep it light and simple for you all.

As I say in the beginning of the episode, I had no inspiration or motivation for this episode. And as I've looked around me - friends, family, colleagues, strangers - I feel as if I am not alone in experiencing this heavy tiredness.

At this point, we have become very content with simply surviving and getting through the day. We celebrate and find relief in our mundane schedules because it opposes the chaos and unpredictable nature of the past 2 years.

Although there can be joy and happiness within the mundane, I have found within myself the attachment to it as a way to settle anxiety around uncertainty and risk taking.

I've found myself recently, choosing the safer option because less harm is done. Using TikTok philosophy, I have feared choosing the cupcake because I feel that it might be another damaging lesson in disguise.

But in choosing the safer option and refusing the cupcake, have we lost our lust for life?

Do we continue to lean into cynicism and pessimism as a defence mechanism to cope with fear of losing more on top of the loss we have already experienced?


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