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Mini: Good Girl Gone Bad

In writing the script for this episode, I found myself being confronted by lots of odd feelings. I worried whether I was playing the victim and begging listeners for sympathy. I felt vulnerable and exposed. I felt angry and embarrassed about admitting some of things I admit in this episode. But ultimately, the episode feels right.

I don’t think I articulated myself as best as I could, perhaps I should have given myself more time explain the different points.

However, I do think that this episode is a good start for a much longer and much needed conversation. Although I know at times it seems as if I’m just saying “Oh look at this terrible life I have lived,” the intention of the episode is not to gain sympathy. I use my own experiences as examples to connect to the research I’ve done. I use my own experiences as points of future reflection for myself and hopeful for you too as you listen to this.

Overall, within the episode, I hope to ask myself and you, dear listener, to reevaluate how you perceive people, how you perceive women. Could your views potentially be harmful, whether directly or indirectly?


This episode is an example of shorter solo episodes which are sandwiched between full length episodes. These are a mixture of storytimes, expanding on blog posts, etc and will keep you satisfied till the next full length episode comes out.

Research & Resources Mentioned:

  • All About Love - bell hooks

  • Ain't I A Woman: Black Women and Feminism - bell hooks

  • "How the good girl complex ruined my relationships" - Funmi Lijadu (Cosmopolitan)

  • "The Good Girl Trope - Why Women Can't Win" - The Take (YouTube)

  • "We Will Never Be "Good" Enough: The Miseducation of The "Good Black"" - Sarah Githugu (Black Ballad)

  • "I'm a kind person, I'm not a nice person" - Kelechi Okafor (Twitter)


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