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Mini: Are You Not Embarrassed?

In this episode, I am talking about embarrassment. I’ll be sharing with you about how those recent awkward moments and encounters have really been beneficial in identifying my recovery as a people pleaser.

What is Embarrassment?

“Embarrassment is the feeling of discomfort experienced when some aspect of ourselves is, or threatens to be, witnessed by or otherwise revealed to others, and we think that this revelation is likely to undermine the image of ourselves that we seek to project to those others.” (Psychology Today)

The point and intention of this episode is to normalise and validate embarrassment, especially for those of us who have grown up with the expectation of perfection weighed heavily on our shoulders.

When we normalise embarrassment and the discomfort we experience from certain interactions, we take away it's consuming nature. Instead of being crippled by the thought of impending embarrassment, we realise that it is a normal emotion that many experience.

We feel it. We don't avoid it.


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