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Ep.7 Milestone Deadlines (feat. Charity Muiruri)

(Photo Creds: Severine Howell-Meri)

This episode I am joined by Charity Muiruri, Youtuber, actress, and the business director & co-founder of The Basement Bunch - an independent film and theatre production company headed by 4 women. As we discuss, what Charity calls, "Milestone Deadlines" - the timeline impressed upon us by society. Is the clock running out for when we are supposed to get married, have kids, establish our career, buy a house?!? Do we even want all these things that society tells us we are supposed to have?

Personally, I really enjoyed recording, editing and listening to this podcast with Charity. She has such an enlightening and thought-provoking perspective on life. An aspect of this episode which stood out to me would be towards the beginning in which Charity asks herself "Is this something I want?"

Many of the things which society impresses on us to desire - family, marriage, making money - are rooted within capitalism and patriarchy. And it's interesting to see how the clock on achieving these things has already started running before you can even decide what you even want out of your life.

What if I don't want to get married? Or get a job straight out of uni? Or perhaps I want to change career paths?

The most important lesson, which Charity stresses throughout the duration of this episode, is staying present with yourself, in life and with time.


This episode is an example of an 1 to 1 interview series within the podcast called, Miseducation in Conversation, in which I invite a guest to share an aspect of life they feel they have been miseducated on and what they are doing to re-educate themselves.

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