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25. Church Girls Acting Loose (feat. Emefa, Lily Munyinyi & Frida James)

Church Hurt: the pain, sadness, emotional scarring, or abuse experienced in a church context. Church Hurt can be inflicted, intentionally or unintentionally, by laity or religious leaders.

In this episode, I am joined by my beautiful, wonderful friends - Emefa, Lily Munyinyi and Frida James. In this very vulnerable episode, we discuss our relationship with the church.

For my friends and I, church formed our formative years and became the blueprint to which we began to live our lives. Choices were black and white. However, when we became adults, life happened and the very refined blueprint we were given was not at all black and white.

So, for this episode, we go into the teachings and lessons learned from growing up in a Christian and religious context. We discuss the early formation of our faith when we were Sunday School kids into memories from our youth. We unpack lessons on faith, shame, body image, sex, relationships and church hurt.

This episode is mixed with a lot of fun memories but also vulnerability and hurt that is still being processed. Church, in its Biblically context, is defined as the people. And people fall short.

**TW: I advise that should you still be processing your own church hurt that you skip this episode in order to protect yourself. **


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