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19. "What is My Purpose?" (feat. Sylvia Githugu & Irene Kibuika)

What is your purpose?

Is it to earn a certain salary? To own a house or houses? To get married? To get a certain job? To win this award?

What is your life's mission?

This episode came about in a conversation between Irene and I. We talked about how our perspective on our lives had a changed from what we had been taught growing up in the church. Irene quickly sent me a TikTok - which we refer to (a lot) in the episode - encapsulating everything we had talked about. So it was bound to become an episode when Irene and I joined Sylvia in Brussels.

In this episode, I am joined by some of my favourite people, my sister and guest in residence, Sylvia and my cousin Irene as we discuss purpose. We talk about how we were taught about purpose, especially through the lens of religion, culture and capitalism.


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Music by:

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