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16. Friendships, Confrontations & Staying Friends with Exes? (feat. Esther Githu)

In this episode, Esther and I discuss friendships into our twenties, including our friendship expectations, loyalty amongst other things that we are learning.

This episode was inspired by a conversation that Esther and I had when we were finally able to meet after years (not joking) of scheduling to meet up. Esther and I grew up together, as we mention, we ran in the same circles so it was kind of inevitable that we would become friends. However, when she went off to university in Scotland and I travelled further to Essex, Germany and the US, it became harder to prioritise our friendship. We went from seeing each other every single day (again not joking) to spending years without seeing each other.

I think, at times, I’ve felt like I wasn’t a good enough friend because I was not there for my friends as I had been in our childhood/teen years. When we met, I admitted to Esther I was worried our dynamic would not be the same because it had been so long.

Luckily, that wasn't the case. If anything our dynamic had evolved.

It would be easy to blame distance as the reason that we stopped being so close. However, our priorities changed, more responsibilities were added to the plate. Proximity was a factor but not the problem.

To clarify, the reason for this episode is to explore and further discuss the transition from childhood friendships to adult friendships. Our expectations of friendship in our childhood cannot be taken to into adulthood because they are, at times, impractical.


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