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11. Monthly Mayhem, Sex & The Church (feat. Frida James & Lily Munyinyi)

In this episode, we are doing it. Yes, in this episode, we are talking about the birds and the bees, the devil's tango, shagging, coitus, nooky, making love - the list really could go on. We are talking about sex.

For the longest time, I have wanted to facilitate a conversation about sex and this is because of the fear I had about this normal act of intimacy. Growing up in the environment I did, there was a lot of shame and not a lot of useful education about sex. This led to a whole heap of shame, toxicity and harmful situations leading into my adulthood. I've worked on my relationship with my body and my sexuality - I'm still working on it - but I know that the spaces I grew up in still have some ways to go in addressing the shame.

So, I invited my besties, Lily and Frida, to come on the podcast to share their experiences and perspectives on sex. We grew up in the same city, same culture, same school and same church so I wanted to see how our experiences converged but also how they differed.

We talk about (not) having "The Talk" with our parents, periods and boyfriends but most importantly, we talk about purity culture. We all grew up in the church and our training from the church influenced us all very differently. I should note here that there is no blame or finger pointing but we are asking the church to take responsibility and change the ways in which they educate young people about sex.

The essence of the episode is not advocating for either purity culture or hook up culture. The essence of the episode is to empower you, dear listener, to accept the decisions that you make based on your sexuality. Whether you wait till marriage or wait till the end of the first date; whether you enjoy sex or are actively celibate, your sexuality is yours and intimacy with a partner is what you make of it.

The takeaway from this episode and what I hope it inspires is to help remove the stigmatisation of sex within Christianity, promote consent, safe sex and pleasure for all.


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